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Holiday travel with Coco Tours in Nicaragua since 1995

Our Travel Vision in Nicaragua

  • The traveller's saferty
  • High quality of the service offered by our guides
  • The program offered must be faithful to the program suggested
  • The program must fit as possible in the budget envisaged by the group
  • To promote tourism that highly respects the environment and communities
  • The traveller must be able to join us - at any time and without extra fee - during all the course of the journey
  • A complete file, including all information relating to the itinerary, is given to you before your trip during which we offer complete support 24/24.
  • As of your arrival on the spot, and until the moment of your departure, our guide accompanies you and is responsible for the perfect course of all the stages of your trip.

Unlike many travel operators, our goal, other than to make you discover the country, is to help you communicate with the locals, to show the everyday reality and to put foward the situations that contribute to invaluable to your journey, while ensuring your safety.

Our Team in Nicaragua

  • COCO TOURS NICARAGUA team is managed by Ganaël (Miguel) FARINES, a respected Frenchman living in Honduras since 18 years. The team also consists of Canadian, French, German, Italian and Nicaraguans guides.
  • First of all we are a tour operator made of flexible professional guides. Our success lies in our flexibility so that you get maximum freedom. For us, the guide is secondary: it is discreet and present to advise and guide. During a visit, the place and the people must come first to immerse the place and facilitate contact with the locals.
  • Most of our guides are Nicaraguans, were chosen for their knowledge of the field, their ability to quickly find a solution to any problem and are valued for their leadership, their courtesy and helpfulness, and above all, they are a part of our team because they are always in search of discovery and adventure.
  • Our guides are experienced and certified for the type of responsabilities they run and have the skills and knowledge up to date for the administration of first aid and emergency management.
  • Our trip starts from your reception at the airport to your departure, contrary to several operators which do not take it into account. It is significant to study well the quality and the extent of the services when you choose a tour operator, because one can easily go from magic to chaos.

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Our equipment in Nicaragua

  • 1 bus for 24 passengers
  • 1 4X4 pick up
  • 2 mini bus for 9 passengers
  • 1 Montero 4X4 for 6 passengers
  • 2 fiberglass boats for 14 passengers each



Holiday travel to Nicaragua

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