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    8 Reasons to Visit Nicaragua:

  1. Being a pioneer of a country that has not yet been invaded by mass tourism: unique and friendly contact with the local population.
  2. Visit colonial cities rich in history such as Leon and Granada which was the cradle of major Hispanic poets since the sixteenth century.
  3. Explore its exuberant biodiversity, fauna and flora, including Miraflor Nature Reserve, one of two of the largest national parks in Central America.
  4. Hike 40 volcanoes such as volcano Masaya and 5 others that are still active.
  5. Discover the largest lakes in Central America: Lake Managua and the majestic Lake Nicaragua with over 300 volcanic islands, including the famous Island of Ometepe.
  6. Find out the almost virgin Caribbean coast on hundreds of kilometers and meet ethnic communities who live there.
  7. Enjoy a country where tourism has a positive meaning for local people, as the Coffee Route and all crafts.
  8. Relax on the sandy beaches and surf on the waves of the Pacific Coast

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Adventure tour in Nicaragua

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