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Coco Tours Nicaragua our tour Operator in Nicaragua

Travelling with our tour operator in Nicaragua is:

- Participating in a fair and equitable trip: where you are witnesses of our solidarity actions. 

- Travelling with small groups of 2 to 12 persons.

- Communicate with the local people with the help of guides, which allows you to see the daily reality, to draw your attention to situations that help provide invaluable to your stay while ensuring your safety. 

- Benefit the most competitive rate in the market
Guides will accompany you during your stay and they developped your trip before your departure. Our success depends on you and the quality of our services. Our credibility is due principally to the success of your stay in Honduras. For this reason, all stages of your trip are studied (places, transport, accommodation and guides).We are currently the most flexible tour operator in HONDURAS..


For Responsible Tourism in Nicaragua

All our tours have been screened to ensure that the local people benefit as much as possible and any negative environmental impact on the destination are minimised. For that reason, we invest 15% of our benefits in local comunity projects.Terra Tour  action of the month :

  • Building a house with recycled bottles in Triunfo de la Cruz for a single homeless woman with four children.
  • The purchase of a large canoe with motor to allow children from Chachahuate atoll to go to school every day on another island, East End.
  • Building a community bread oven for the village of Triunfo de la Cruz.



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